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Auto Soda-Blasting

Antiques, Classic’s or current vehicles we do it all. Our shop is equipped to handle rolling vehicles, dismantled vehicles, fenders, hoods, frames, wheels, any automotive part, or a vehicle in any condition, we know how to handle it. From the interior to the underside, engine compartment or inside the trunk we strip it all. We have specialized in automotive stripping longer than any one.


When unwanted Graffiti is found, there is only one sure way to dispose of it. Blast it off! Give us a call to have your unwanted art work removed.

*Please, never try to remove graffiti with a chemical stripper. Chemicals normally cause the paint to spread allowing it to be absorbed by the surface. Once absorbed there is no way to get the graffiti off and the art work will be there forever.


Commercial & Industrial applications are limitless. Our mobile crews go anywhere anytime to solve a problem. Be it the wrong stain on new construction, overhead doors that require new paint, building trusses that need rust removed or even a retail store in the middle of the night to remove paint from the building front, we are there.


Log Homes are strong and sturdy, but they do require maintenance from time to time. Before you're ready to refinish your home, call us to blast it. Blasting is fast and gets between your logs!


Food Equipment! When it comes to cleaning food equipment one of the best choices is Soda Blasting! Soda removes all the old grease and stains leaving a fresh clean surface. Because we use food grade soda, there are no harmful chemicals to worry about either.


When it comes to removing stains, paint, or just old dirt we can do it. Our crews can clean, restore and remove stains from all kinds of surfaces; stone and brick fireplaces, stone walls, stains off the side of homes, paint removal from brick homes which had been painted and so on If you have a hard surface that doesn’t look it’s best, give us a call, we have a solution for you.

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